11 Things To Do in Emirates Park Zoo

A visit to the Abu Dhabi Zoo is one of the most important activities of interest to the majority of tourists in Abu Dhabi, It is one of the most important parks in Abu Dhabi, which specializes in housing a number of animals of up to 1,700 animals and includes different types of them, It also provides visitors with the opportunity to see and observe different types of animals closely.

Since its establishment in 2012, this park has taken many ways to attract visitors, especially families. It is a suitable option for anyone looking for tourist places in Abu Dhabi for families or tourist places in Abu Dhabi for children. On its spacious areas, the animals disperse in the form of different factions and sections for visitors to enjoy seeing them and Things To Do in Emirates Park Zoo.

Emirates Park Zoo

Services and restaurants

It is worth noting that this park is characterized by its many facilities and services distributed throughout the place, there is a restaurant and a coffee in addition to a car park.

Entry price for children 30 AED
Adult entry prices 35 AED


1. Everything inside this park is worth seeing, and for this it is preferable to start your outing here in the form of an exploratory tour through which you get to know the features of the place and take a peek at all parts of the park, and during this tour you will enjoy the view of the lush trees that increase the beauty of the place.


2. When you start exploring animals, you will see a group of wild animals that are found in the Abu Dhabi Zoo, such as zebra, deer, elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, in addition to the bear.


3. Let’s go to the most attractive part of visiting this park, which is to see predators that you might not normally get the chance to see, such as the lion, tiger and crocodile.


4. For birds, the Abu Dhabi Zoo will give you the opportunity to see different types of birds, such as peacocks and ostriches in addition to the red flamingo.


5. The world of birds is wide enough to include different species, and the species that this park will allow you to see belong to birds of prey, such as the red-headed eagle, hawk and owl in addition to the eagle.


6. A visit to this park guarantees you to discover many types of animals, you can now go to see seals, which are known as cute marine mammals.


7. It is interesting that the park offers you the opportunity to explore the world of dolphins, as it is known that they are water creatures that are famous for their cuteness and you will not get tired of seeing them.


8. Children will be the ones who will enjoy this trip the most, and they will benefit greatly from their exploration of the many animals

However, the greatest fun awaiting them now, they will experience when you accompany them to the children’s farm that contains some pets such as ducks, goats, sheep and donkeys in addition to chickens.

Emirates Park Zoo


9.You may wonder, before your visit to the Abu Dhabi Zoo, if it is possible for visitors to interact with animals, so it was important to draw your attention that the zoo allows interaction with animals by feeding them.


10. You will feel more fun when you see any of the rare animals that the zoo is interested in, it is not easy to see these animals elsewhere, do not lose sight of the anteater in addition to the black leopard and white tigers.


11. It remains in the end to guide you to some of the unique activities that you have not done yet and that you should be aware of in advance to be sure to enjoy them when you visit the Emirates Park Zoo Abu Dhabi, and they are as follows, watching the seal shows.