4 Free Things To Do in Dubai

The opulent panoramic skyline of Dubai with its modern urban buildings and towering skyscrapers may suggest that this city opens its arms only to the wealthy, businessmen, and everyone who belongs to this category.

But this information is not accurate at all. In our next article, we will lead you on an interesting journey to know the mysteries of the city and what it hides from the best free Things to do in Dubai that have been made available for different groups and budgets.


1. Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai

A distinctive entertainment destination within the list of tourist places in Dubai that are free and distinctive at the same time, Riverland combines the French and Indian character in the form of traditional villages, in addition to the many places of food and distinctive shopping places.


2. Dubai beaches

Dubai beaches

The luxury of the city does not mean that it does not provide free places, as locals and tourists can head to spend a special time on the spacious sandy beaches and enjoy the warm Dubai sun on the lounge chairs on beaches such as Al Mamzar Beach, Kite Beach, and Jumeirah Beach. In addition to other facilities for specific sports such as volleyball, a running track and others.


3. The Dubai Fountain

One of the special events and one of the free tourist places in Dubai that cannot be missed is watching the beautiful Dubai Fountain, which presents a show every half hour from six in the evening until eleven at night. The lights, melodies and the refreshing atmosphere will bring you joy and happiness.


4. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

The park’s alignment with the sea is not its only attraction. In this desert-style city, Al Mamzar Beach Park is a green oasis with more than 6000 plant species, 300 coconut trees, more than 1,600 palm trees and many distinctive facilities amidst this beauty with a lot of free activities for children Which makes it an ideal place to spend a whole day with family or friends