Top 3 Islands in Kuwait

For everyone who wants to enjoy a unique trip, there is nothing more beautiful than exploring the islands of Kuwait, which in turn are one of the most important tourist destinations in Kuwait, as its islands will attract you with its charming scenery, beautiful beaches and pleasant atmosphere.

We have compiled for you this list of the most important islands in this city, with the attractions that each one of them enjoys.

Top 3 Islands in Kuwait : 

1.Bubiyan Island

Bubiyan Island Kuwait attracts a wide range of guests who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get close to everything that inspires feelings of relaxation and tranquility within them. Including the charming beaches that double its beauty.

2.Failaka Island

Failaka Island Kuwait is not just an island in Kuwait that we recommend visiting, but this island has many things that are worth spending enough time to enjoy, as the beautiful beaches, various attractions and many other attractions, are but part of the entertaining activities that will be available to you when visited.

For example, everyone who visits this island finds a valuable opportunity to enjoy the island’s beautiful parks, restaurants and cafes.

3.Green Island in Kuwait

You will need to take a suitable time to visit the green island of Kuwait and enjoy all the attractions that characterize it. After you reach the island, which is classified as the first artificial island in the Arabian Gulf, you will realize why some consider it the most beautiful island in Kuwait. You have the island’s beaches and maybe even enjoyed its different attractions and interesting activities, such as visiting its beautiful parks or enjoying the different restaurants it offers.