The 6 Most Beautiful Islands Of Qatar

Qatar is a Gulf country that shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. As for the rest of the borders, it overlooks the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Qatar has a group of the best beaches, islands, entertainment centers and malls in the Gulf region. It is also characterized by the presence of a historical dimension in it represented in the remaining monuments from the period of rule The Islamic and Ottoman Empire of the country, and a large number of markets, parks and public parks, ancient mosques, which makes tourism in Qatar interesting.


1. Al Khor Island

Al Khor Island is located in the northeast of Qatar and belongs to the Al Khor Governorate. The island has the oldest archaeological site in the country at all, dating back to 3000 BC, so the island is a magnet for tourists from all over the world who want to learn about its ancient history.

Next to the ruins, the island has charming beaches suitable for spending an integrated day of entertainment with family and friends. It is also filled with hotel, facilities, shops, sports clubs and restaurants that make your visit to it more luxurious.


2.Jazirat Halul

The island is located 80 kilometers northeast of Doha and is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Qatar and the second largest in terms of area and importance. It is distinguished by attracting a large number of tourists wishing to explore the mountainous nature of the island, in addition to lovers of diving, fishing and boating, where a large number of fishing boats are spread On the coast of the island, which increases its charm.

The island is also a magnet for lovers and explorers of the oil industries, and the island is characterized by the presence of a large number of services in addition to an airstrip.


3.The Pearl-Qatar

Its area is 33 km and it is one of the most populated islands of Qatar due to the modernity of its facilities and services, and the presence of a large number of housing and hotels suitable for rent and for the accommodation of tourists. The island has charming beaches with villas and hotels overlooking the beach directly.

In addition to a large number of shopping centers and modern malls that include famous brands in clothing, accessories and others, the island also owns a large number of yachts of different sizes in addition to fishing boats.


4.Palm island

Palm Island is located in the heart of the waters of Doha Bay. It is one of the smallest islands in Qatar in area, but it is very popular with visitors due to its tourist and recreational importance. You can reach the island with the help of a boat from Doha Corniche to the middle of the water in a distance of only 5 minutes.

Next to its charming beaches, the island is characterized by the presence of children’s play centers, horse riding, camel races, sailing boats and fishing boats, in addition to a large number of facilities, restaurants, and others.


5.Banana Island

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Banana Island got this name due to its shape that resembles a banana. The island is located 20 minutes from Doha using boats. It is one of the newest islands built in Qatar for the purpose of tourism, and it includes many resorts and tourist hotels located on the beachfront. The island also offers a large number of From diving education centers, entertainment places for children, commercial centers, cinemas, in addition to a variety of food options.


6.Al Safliya Island

It is the smallest of the islands of Qatar at all, with a total area of 8 km. Despite this, it is not less in tourist importance than the rest of the islands. Tourists prefer to visit Al Saflia because of the calmness of its beaches and also because it contains a number of distinctive recreational activities such as surfing, fishing, snorkeling and others .