The 5 Best Museums in Riyadh

The city of Riyadh is blessed with a unique group of wonderful archaeological museums, which contain the most important holdings that represent the history of the Kingdom. These museums are also among the most important tourist places in Saudi Arabia.

The 5 Best Museums in Riyadh :

1. The National Museum in Riyadh

The National Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Riyadh and is characterized by a wonderful architectural design from the outside and inside. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the capital. It tells the historical, cultural and civilized story of the Arabian Peninsula. It includes many halls with advanced audio-visual techniques, in addition to its distinctive holdings.


2. Archeology Museum in Riyadh

One of the most important museums in Riyadh, which was established by King Saud University in 1967 AD, which is located in the heart of the College of Archeology. The museum highlights the cultural and historical appearance of the university’s excavations. The museum contains artifacts from the results of excavations belonging to the early Islamic period, and includes inscriptions, and ceramic vessels.

In addition to ornaments, statues, wall paintings, as well as rare coins and others, the museum also includes a collection of ancient coins dating back to pre-Islamic times, numbering 873 pieces of different metals such as gold, silver, and copper.


3. Murabba Historical Palace

One of the most distinguished museums in Riyadh, from its primitive building materials to its great historical value as the residence of the king and his family.


4. Al Masmak Palace Museum

Al-Masmak Palace is one of the best museums in Riyadh, which was established in 1895 AD, and this fort is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the capital, and in its courtyard, the city of Riyadh was opened after a great epic.

It was opened as a museum in the nineties. The museum contains a collection of pictures, maps, and models, in addition to some old weapons, heritage pieces. It also includes a number of halls, including the auditorium for visual and audio presentations, and many other contents of this distinguished museum.


5. Museum for Science and Technology‘s History in Islam


Among the museums in Riyadh, this museum bears a huge mission on its shoulders, as it refers to the golden age of Islam and the contributions of great scientists, inventors, engineers, and mathematical scientists, such as Jaber bin Hayyan, Al-Razi, and Abbas bin Firnas.

The museum also shows how their contributions were the cornerstone of modern civilizations, through the museum’s holdings, which include observing machines, astronomical observatories, Islamic medicine, navigation, also through interaction with three-dimensional screens and they can view the biographies of the most prominent scientists.