The 5 Best Parks in Qatar

Qatar has a group of the best beaches, entertainment centers and malls in the Gulf region. It is also characterized by the presence of a historical dimension in it represented in the remaining monuments from the Islamic and Ottoman rule period of the country. There are also a large number of markets, parks and public parks, ancient mosques and others, all of these places push you to tourism in Qatar.

The 5 Best Parks in Qatar :

1. Aspire Park Qatar

Aspire Park covers an area of 880,000 square meters and is the largest open park in Qatar in terms of area. The park contains extended green spaces interspersed with trees, plants and flowers that were brought from around the world, in addition to tracks dedicated to lovers of walking and jogging, with three playgrounds to encourage children to exercise. Lake Aspire also offers kayaking lessons.


2.Mia Park Qatar

The most important thing that distinguishes Mia Park is that it belongs to the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, where you can visit the museum and then pass by the garden for the purpose of spending some time in entertainment and recreation. Hot and cold drinks.


3.Hotel Park Doha

Hotel Park Doha is located in the middle of the Doha commercial district and is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Qatar, suitable for spending a distinguished leisure day.

The garden is spread with palm trees with seating, in addition to children’s play areas that meet all safety and security standards. The garden has fountains and water pools that add more creativity. Well-designed, the garden offers various dining options with free parking.


4.Al Wakrah Public Garden

One of Qatar’s distinctive gardens, which contains a large lake located in the middle, in addition to extended green spaces that bring calm and relaxation. The garden area is 47,000 square meters, and in the northeast of it is a distinctive play area suitable for children of different age groups. The garden provides a café that serves hot and cold drinks. Variety as well as a number of dining options.


5. Al Bidda Park Doha

Despite the large number and diversity of parks in Doha, Al-Bida Park occupies a distinguished position in the list of the best parks in Qatar due to its direct views of the waters of the Arabian Gulf, in addition to the colorful flowers that fill the garden and give it a charming appearance.

The park is characterized by the presence of suitable paths for walking, jogging and cycling In addition to football, tennis and other fields, the garden offers multiple places for barbecue parties.