The 5 Best Parks in Sharjah

One often feels something unique when visiting a quiet and peaceful place, and this is really what visitors to Sharjah who want to know the most important Sharjah parks are looking for during their Sharjah tourism tour.

The 5 Best Parks in Sharjah : 

1.Sharjah National Park

It is the largest and most famous of Sharjah’s parks. The park includes vast green areas that allow visitors to spend hours of calm and relaxation in the midst of nature.

The park also includes a number of models of the most famous international tourist places and famous markets, which gives you an opportunity to take some wonderful pictures.

2. Sharjah Zoo

Everyone who visits the Sharjah Zoo will have a lot of fun and interest, as this park is listed among the best Sharjah parks, offering different scenes of wildlife and various species of animals that everyone will rejoice in seeing. There are wild animals and predators as well as a variety of birds, as well as a range of marine creatures worth exploring that everyone can see in the aquarium in the park.

3. Green Belt Ladies Park

The Green Belt Park is located in the northern part of Sharjah near the Culture Square. It is one of the various Sharjah parks as it is only for women. The Green Belt Park includes vast green areas along with shade trees, ornamental shrubs, and beautiful seasonal flowers, so it is an outlet for many Sharjah women who resort to it for recreation and relaxation.


4. Al Majaz Park

The most beautiful gardens in Sharjah and the most people who visit this garden, are usually lovers of charming views, as this garden is characterized by a charming view of Khalid Lake, as well as lovers of picnics and fresh air along with the practice of various activities.


5. Al Qasba Canal

Al Qasba Park is one of the most famous parks in Sharjah, which is very popular among tourists and residents of the city. This park includes various types of water and recreational activities, and it is a great place for vacations.