The 7 Places To Visit in Abha

Tourism in Abha The charming nature is not only an element of tourism in Abha, but you will find inside it many historical sites and monuments, in addition to many popular markets that will enable you to buy the most beautiful souvenirs, antiques and folk costumes, so traveling to Abha is definitely an experience worth it. The most beautiful tourist places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The 7 Places To Visit in Abha : 

1.Dahna Falls

Al-Dahna Waterfall is located in the south of Tanumah Governorate in the Asir region, specifically in the village of Al-Dahna, about 110 km from the city of Abha. The waterfall is one of the most prominent natural landmarks in the Asir region. It is one of the rare waterfalls in the Kingdom.


2.Abha Dam

The Abha Lake Dam plays more than an important role for the city of Abha. The dam is located at the western end of the city of Abha, and was opened in 1974.

The Abha Dam Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Abha, where the surrounding area is filled with gardens and family gatherings, with a wonderful view of the Abha Dam Lake, in addition to many recreational and tourist facilities such as hotels, restaurants and amusement parks. You can also rent a boat and walk inside the lake.

If you are a fan of hiking and tourism in Abha, you will not find a better walk on the body of the Abha Lake Dam, and enjoy the most beautiful scenery.

3.Djebel Akhdar (The Green Mountain)

The Green Mountain is a huge green diamond that lights up the dark night of Abha, in the most beautiful natural palette your eyes may fall upon.

Green Mountain is located in the center of Abha city. It is a conical mountain. It was given this name, as it is planted in the form of terraces, lit at night, radiating a dazzling green color.

4.Jabal Sawda

The city of Abha is a first-class city of Jableh. This is due to its richness in mountain ranges in all its aspects, but the secret of distinguishing Jabal Al-Sawda or the Black Mountain from others, as one of the most famous tourist places in Abha, is due to several reasons, the first of which is that it is the highest peak in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a height of about 3.3 km, secondly, its natural landscapes Picturesque for the entire city of Abha, thirdly because it is the site of the paragliding competition that takes place every summer, as part of the annual Asir Festival.

5.Shadda Palace

Shadda Palace is also called the “White Palace” and is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the historical city of Abha. In the past, the seat of the emirate was in the Asir region, but now it has been turned into a museum of folklore. Shadda Palace was built in 1927 AD by order of King Abdul Aziz. Shadda Palace is distinguished by its grandiose architecture, which is very similar to the local buildings in the area.

6.Al Muftaha Art Village

Al Muftaha Village includes many activities related to traditional and plastic arts, a theater, an artist’s hall, a children’s theater, a group of shops and markets that display products and handicrafts, as well as painting galleries.

When you visit Al Muftaha Village, or the so-called “King Fahd Cultural Center”, you will find that it aims to revive artistic and cultural creations, and handicrafts, amid an authentic heritage and urban atmosphere.

7.The Hanging Village in Abha

The secret of the fame of Al-Habla Tourist Village lies in the beauty of its houses with its antique wooden doors, the spread of restaurants and cafes along the village’s roads, as well as the pleasant journey to reach it via the cable car.