The 8 Places To Visit in Bahrain

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, many ethnicities meet in one place, as it is considered one of the famous tourist countries in the Middle East. Bahrain is famous for its amazing mosques, traditional markets and Restaurants.

Places To Visit in Bahrain :


Budaiya village is located on the northwest coast of the main island of Bahrain, and this island is considered one of the most fertile lands in Bahrain, and although the forests have been removed from there, there are still palm trees and many plants in this village, and it is considered one of the coastal villages that works Its inhabitants fish and collect pearls from the seas.

2.Isa Town

Isa Town is located in the southwest area of Manama, where there are palaces, high-end villas, and schools that have been designed with high professionalism, and there is also the Persian Medina market, which contains more than 450 shops and is a unique place that sells all kinds of food products, fruits, handicrafts and carpets.

3.Hawar Islands

In these islands, you can take a boat trip of about 45 minutes from the southern city of Al-Dur to Hawar Island, and these islands have been turned into resorts and hotels for tourists, It offers a lot of distinctive services and allows visitors to take adventures amid high cliffs and seas.

4.Al Jasra Village

Al Jasra Village is located on the west coast of the main island of Bahrain. It is famous for its traditional handicraft center. A large number of potters, weavers and many other craftsmen work in this center. You can buy antiques that are made there or sit in the center’s garden to relax.

5.Hamad Town

It is considered one of the culturally diverse cities and bears the name of the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa. It is a fairly new city and contains a large number of residents and has schools, beautiful houses and mosques that are located in the northern part of the city.


It is the ancient capital of Bahrain until 1932, and it is considered one of the wonderful tourist cities that contain a large number of hotels, beaches and markets. You can eat different types of foods, buy traditional handicrafts, and tour the various markets and places to explore this wonderful place.


In the city of Riffa, the famous Riffa Hotel is located in the center of Bahrain, and it includes a group of historical gems that have been preserved through the centuries, and there is also the famous Riffa Fort that dates back to the nineteenth century, in addition to that, here is the Riffa Bazaar and the Bukwara Street Market, which are considered among the best places Tourist attractions in Bahrain, and you can go there to buy unique souvenirs.

Also there is the famous Riffa Clock Tower which is located in the western part of the city and is worth a visit as it lights up in the evening.


Manama is the cultural capital of Bahrain, which is a mixture of traditional life and modern life. It is the commercial and financial center of the Persian Gulf and includes two sets of double towers, the World Trade Center in addition to the towers of the Financial Harbor and many high-rise residential and commercial buildings.