The 10 Places To Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait is an Arab country located in the Middle East, and it is one of the rich countries that contains a huge stock of oil resources. Kuwait is located on the border line with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates, making it one of the geographically important Arab countries. Kuwait is famous for its modern style as it includes A huge number of tall buildings and high-rise towers, these buildings were designed in a distinctive classical style.

The 10 Places to Visit in Kuwait :

1.Kuwait Zoo

This park is located on Airport Road, and it is located on an area of 180,000 square meters and includes about 65 types of animals, 129 types of birds in addition to 5 types of reptiles and a lot of other animals. If you are an animal lover, you will definitely enjoy visiting a lot. This unique park.

2.The Scientific Center Kuwait

This center is considered one of the largest scientific centers specialized in the science of marine nature and everything related to marine life as well as the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. It offers shows for children, discovering childhood skills, and there is a special restaurant to sit in peace and comfort.

3.Kuwait Science Club

This club is located on the Sixth Ring Road and contains a wide range of facilities and modern scientific equipment. The club aims to create a distinctive environment for people of all ages in order to develop their scientific knowledge and develop their hobbies.

4.Science and Natural History Museum

This museum contains various machines used in the field of petroleum, aviation and space. There is also everything related to zoology, electronics, astronomy and a lot of other sciences. In addition, the museum displays many ancient things that describe natural history accurately. This museum consists of A large hall and a planetarium It is located in Abdullah Mubarak Street.

5.Amusement Parks in Kuwait

This city is located 20 kilometers from Kuwait City and is near Doha on the northern side of Kuwait Bay. Many families come to visit this city from all over, where there is a large and complete range of recreational games that suit all tastes.

6.Failaka Island

It is a beautiful island that allows visitors to see the remains of the settlements of the Bronze Age, the Greeks and the Greeks, as they left behind a lot of knorres that express the beauty and splendor of the past, you will be impressed by the splendor of these ancient monuments.

7.Kuwait National Museum

The National Museum in Kuwait contains four buildings and a planetarium. It contains a large collection of antiquities and artifacts that demonstrate the splendor of comprehensive Islamic art, and its collections were designed with great professionalism by the most skilled ancient artists.

8.Mirror House Kuwait

The House of Mirrors is one of the distinctive tourist places that were completely manufactured using mirrors, and there are many forms of attractive colored mirrors. House of fragile mirrors.

9.Kuwait Towers

One of the most famous landmarks in the State of Kuwait is the famous Kuwait Towers. It is located on the Arabian Gulf Street in Dasman and contains a circular observation area, a private restaurant and high-speed elevators. The height of the tallest tower is about 187 meters.

10.Liberation Tower

It is a symbol of Kuwaiti liberation and a sign of the country’s return to its people again. This tower is considered one of the tallest telecommunications towers in the world. The height of this tower is about 372 meters, which is taller than the Eiffel Tower by about 40 meters.