The 8 Things To Do in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain is characterized by its prosperity despite the small size of the country.
It includes a group of diverse attractions that attract tourists from all Arab Gulf countries and the world as well, in addition to the finest resorts, hotels and Malls.

The 8 Things To Do in Bahrain : 

1.Khalifa AlKubra Garden

The park is characterized by its beautiful view of the city of Manama, and it is also characterized by containing green areas overlooking the sea, which makes it a distinctive natural place.

2.The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

The garden was designed after the designs of the Dilmun civilization that lived 4000 years ago, so you will find that the garden has a different and unique design. The water park includes a large number and variety of games for adults and children alike.


3.The Lagoon Park

Lagoon Park is an important commercial center with about 77 shops operating over 12 hours, in addition to many famous international restaurants, which makes your destination an integrated pleasure, especially since Lagoon Park is located directly on the seashore.


4.AlAreen Wildlife Park

Al Areen Reserve is one of the best places in Bahrain for families. The reserve was established in 1976 in a desert area called Sakhir in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Al Areen Reserve area consists of two parts. The first is the reserve itself, which you can visit only with a permit.


5.Dolphin Resort

It is one of the best entertainment places in Bahrain, as it provides you with the experience of watching acrobatic performances of marine dolphins in the lakes overlooking the sea.

6.Wahooo! Waterpark

One of the most important recreational places in Bahrain, Wahooo Water Park is located in the capital, Manama, in City Center Bahrain. It guarantees you an enjoyable experience among the many water games, some of which are for adults and others for children.


7.Adhari Park

One of the most important tourist places in Bahrain for youth and children is Adhari Park, which is located within the Ain Adhari area, which in turn includes the park and a special area for restaurants and cafes, as well as some shops and stores.


8.Marina Beach Garden Park

Marina Garden Park is considered one of the most important recreational places in Bahrain, and it is an area located on the sea that includes a large area of green areas, and also includes many parks and attractions that are suitable for families and friends.