Top 11 Places To Visit in Ajman

What are the places to visit in Ajman? Although there are few tourist places in Ajman, it contains the most famous tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates, but they are interesting and suitable places to be suitable places for relaxation and also to learn about different cultures and ancient historical places, and among the sandy beaches are the most important tourist places that characterize the region Ajman, where it is crowded with many tourists who go to Henk to get enough rest and enjoyment, especially on various holidays, and in the following lines we will mention the best tourist places in Ajman.


1. Ajman Museum

The establishment of this museum dates back to the eighteenth century, which was previously the first line of defense in Ajman, and is now the Ajman City Museum.

This museum displays many things that represent the traditional local lifestyle, as it presents images of typical daily life in addition to containing many wonderful archaeological and historical discoveries, and there is a wonderful display of Emirati weapons and many ancient manuscripts, and one of the best tourist places in Ajman that surrounds The museum has the famous watchtowers.


2. Ajman Beach

Ajman beaches contain a lot of luxury tourist hotels, and each has its own patch of white sand, and Ajman beaches are among the most beautiful beaches of the United Arab Emirates, it is a suitable place for those who want to get enough rest and relaxation, and non-resident visitors can use the beach and benefit from From the hotel facilities a fee is paid for one day.


3. Masfout City

The city of Manama and the town of Masfout are among the best tourist places in Ajman, and there is a small fort that was recently converted into a museum dedicated to displaying historical and local landmarks.

Masfout is a town close to the Al Naseem Nature Reserve, which is currently being developed and renovated, while the city of Masfout can be reached through the mountain roads that contain a lot of beautiful landscapes and beautiful sand dunes, as it is one of the largest and most important tourist attractions in Ajman .


4. Ajman City Center

If you love shopping, we recommend you to visit Ajman City Center, which is one of the largest malls in Ajman. The complex contains a wide range of high-end shops that provide local and international products for everyone.

You will find all kinds of products from clothes, bags, perfumes, jewellery, watches, modern electronic devices and a lot of other products at different prices.

Ajman City Center also contains a lot of entertainment places for young children to enjoy playing, watching entertainment shows and practicing activities, in addition to the availability of restaurants that offer delicious meals and foods to suit all tastes, as well as cinemas and cafes that provide the best tourist services.


5. Al-Zawra Nature Reserve

Many tourists head to Al-Zawraa Sanctuary to enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch different types of pets and birds.

This nature reserve contains a large number of birds of all kinds, where the number of bird species is about a thousand species.

The reserve also contains dense forests and lakes, you will definitely enjoy picking up the best souvenirs of the charming nature.


6. Al Mowaihat Archaeological Site in Ajman


Al Mowaihat archaeological site is considered one of the most important tourist places that Ajman is famous for. All tourists testify that it is the best tourist place in Ajman in the United Arab Emirates.

It is a cultural attraction that was discovered by chance in 1986, where many ships, tombs and various metallic items were discovered.

More than 3000 historical monuments and human remains have been discovered, and this place will suit lovers of historical places from all over the world.


7. Communications tower in Ajman


Designed in the form of a mosque, the famous Etisalat Tower is one of the most famous skyscrapers in Ajman.


8. Ajman Fort


The Ajman region contains two main forts. The Red Fort was named so because the architects used red plaster during construction. This castle consists of four rooms and two towers. Hasa Bawid is also one of the castles in Ajman.

Located on the top of the hill is an ancient historical fortress of the Emirate of Ajman, which was originally built to provide civil protection and is now a wonderful historical place that expresses the splendor of the architecture and the craftsmanship of the architects.


9. Dow Yard in Ajman


Dow Yard Harbor is one of the most important ports of the wide yard that many tourists go to to take souvenir photos of various sailboats. Tourists also come to see craftsmen and fishermen doing their work using traditional tools like those used by their ancestors, which is why Dow Yard is one of the best places to visit in Ajman.


10. Ajman Fish Market

The fish market in Ajman has a large selection of fresh fish and seafood. It is a popular market that is crowded with tourists and local visitors. You can get any type of fish and you can also cut or grill it from different stalls in the market.


11. Safeer Mall

Safeer Mall is located in a great strategic location next to Ajman University in Al Nuaimiya district. The mall is located on an area of 220,000 square meters and contains 4 main stores, you can go there to enjoy a special buying experience, you will find there are many stores that sell all the needs of the house.

Food products of all kinds and forms are also sold, as well as restaurants, playgrounds and family entertainment centers.