Top 8 Places to Visit in Dammam

Tourism in Dammam is the queen of cities in Saudi Arabia, and the bride of the Arabian Gulf, which overlooks it from three sides. Dammam is the largest and most important city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has the largest waterfront and the largest island in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the capital of the Eastern Province, and its commercial and administrative center.


1.Dammam waterfront

The waterfront in Dammam or the so-called “King Abdullah Park”, which is considered the most beautiful park in Dammam at all, and one of the most important tourist places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in Dammam in particular, the facade is located in the western part of the Western Shati neighborhood, specifically on the western side From King Abdullah Street overlooking Dammam Corniche.

Dammam’s waterfront extends for 4.5 km, so it is the largest waterfront in the Kingdom, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Dammam for families who flock to it, to enjoy the scenic views and the vast green spaces and stroll along the Dammam Corniche, which is full of restaurants and cafes.

There are also many fun activities on the waterfront in Dammam for adults and children, so if you are with your kids, don’t miss out on this great place.


2.coral island dammam (Murjan Island)

Al Murjan Island has been one of the most beautiful tourist places in Dammam for more than 20 years. It is a natural island that extends over an area of ​​7000 m 2, and is linked to Dammam Corniche by a bridge of 1400 m.

The secret of Al Murjan Island’s distinction and its tourist fame; It is full of greenery and its small harbor from which the tourism company facilitates pleasant cruises around. The island is also filled with recreational places such as sports fields and 5,500 meters of walking and cycling paths.

It is also a great destination for fishing enthusiasts in the waters of the Gulf. You can also take the most beautiful souvenir photos from the top of the “Al Fanar” tower in the middle of it. And from it you will get the most beautiful view of the city of Dammam.


3. Dolphin village Dammam


Dolphin Village Dammam is a recreational resort with the highest level of equipment and special entertainment offers. It is located at the entrance to Al Murjan Island on the Dammam Corniche. It is one of the most distinguished family tourism destinations in Dammam, as it has many restaurants and chalets, and a closed hall for seals and dolphins shows.

Inside the Dolphin Village in Dammam, you and your children will enjoy the friendly shows of dolphins and sea lions, as well as see many wild animals and beautiful colorful fish inside the medium-sized ponds. There is also Dolphin Village, one of the best amusement parks in Dammam, which includes a group of the most beautiful and entertaining games.


4. Dammam Corniche

Dammam Corniche is not only famous for tourism within the city, but is one of the most important landmarks of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. You cannot travel to Dammam without taking a stroll on the gorgeous beach, enjoying the cool breezes and watching seagulls diving into the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Dammam Corniche is teeming with restaurants and cafes. To spend the most beautiful evenings there, in addition to the amusement parks, the most famous of which is Dammam Corniche Park, with its unique architectural design that takes the form of ancient eastern castles that enjoy a wonderful view of the Arabian Gulf.

It is one of the most important tourist areas in Dammam for families. Because it contains restaurants and seating areas open to the sea, as well as closed cabins for families and couples, as well as a very distinctive amusement park.


5. Heritage Village Dammam

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The Folk Village in Dammam is considered one of the most important cultural and entertainment attractions in Dammam. From the outside, the village is distinguished by its unique heritage architectural design, similar to the castles that existed in the ancient Arabian Peninsula, you will go back in time and feel the past of the Arabian Peninsula.

The popular village in Dammam consists of 5 floors inside, and contains many artifacts that reflect the heritage face of the Kingdom throughout the ages, and there are many recreational and cultural activities represented in the experience of living a Bedouin life, and riding camels. and falcon hunting.

As well as getting to know wedding parties, and there are many shops and restaurants that serve the most delicious local Saudi dishes, as well as the village offers many parties and folkloric evenings.


6.Modon Lake Dammam

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Your arrival at Lake Modon will make you aware of the fun of tourism in Dammam, as it will give you psychological comfort and landscapes that will delight your eyes. Lake Modon in Dammam is the largest artificial lake in the Kingdom. It has vast green spaces, with more than 760 palm trees, and has pedestrian paths extending for more than 4 kilometers.

Lake Modon in Dammam provides you and your family with many fun activities, where you can take a walk, or rent a bike, and enjoy the view of the convergence of the clear waters of the lake, and its contents of geese and seagulls, in green. spaces, and your children can enjoy playing in the recreational areas designated for them.


7. Water Village

It is one of the most prominent and popular amusement parks in Dammam. Dammam Water Village is located on the western side of Dammam Corniche. Within the village, there are many distinctive recreational facilities, most notably the 25 water games for adults and children, with swimming pools and lakes of different sizes.

In addition to the presence of many sports fields, billiards, table tennis, health club, sauna and jacuzzi. Dammam Water Village offers many rentable chalets if you and your family want some privacy.


8. Cobra Entertainment City

Cobra Entertainment City is the largest entertainment city in the eastern region of the Kingdom and one of the best amusement parks in Dammam, as it accommodates more than 15,000 visitors per day, and covers an area of 130,000 square meters.