Top 9 Places To Visit in Jeddah

When we think about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we will certainly think of the strict laws and rules that Saudi Arabia applies, and we will think that Saudi Arabia does not contain many tourist places and landmarks that we can see, but it is contrary to all expectations and we will be surprised when we know that Saudi Arabia, especially the city of Jeddah, has many Wonderful places worth visiting, and these are the most important of these places.


1. King Fahd’s Fountain

This fountain is one of the tourist places in Jeddah, which is characterized by its splendor and beauty, and it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places there, and it has been classified as the largest fountain in the whole world, and there you will enjoy watching the water sprays that rise up to 850 feet, and you can take the best pictures and videos with family and friends.


2. Fish Market Jeddah

If you are a fan of fish, you will definitely not miss visiting the famous fish market, which contains all kinds of fish that you have heard of, and these fish are fresh and delicious, and we advise you to visit this market from nine in the morning so that it is less crowded and you will be able to reach it with ease because it is located in the middle of The city of Jeddah.


3.Desert Camping in Saudi Arabia

Camping in the desert is one of the most important tourist activities in the city of Jeddah, and there you can ski on the sand and ride camels at any time, and you will also enjoy watching the shining stars there and heating in the warmth of the fire during the night, it is a completely calm environment and far from the noise of the city.


4. The Floating Mosque In Jeddah

One of the most beautiful and most visited tourist places in Jeddah, you will enjoy walking along the corniche and watching the mosque with its wonderful appearance, especially at the time of the wonderful sunset, as well as you can enjoy watching it in the early morning, and it is worth noting that the mosque is characterized by modern and wonderful architecture that makes you think that the mosque is floating In the water already.


5. Nassif House Museum

In the center of Jeddah, this distinguished museum with a unique creative design is located, and it is located near a lively area that contains a large number of restaurants, cafes and various stores, and near the museum is also the first tree planted in the city of Jeddah, the charming neem tree.


6. Fakieh Aquarium

It is a large aquarium that contains different types of rare fish in addition to sharks and sea turtles. It offers tourists a complete marine life and different and diverse marine creatures.

This aquarium has a wonderful restaurant overlooking the Red Sea and serves delicious and delicious meals for families, and this place also includes places for children to ice skate and have fun.


7. House Art Museum

It is one of the museums that includes a large collection of amazing home decorations, and contains antiques and antiques that are more than 70 years old.


8. Al-Balad

From the ancient areas that are distinguished by their wonderful architecture, you will discover the ancient Arab life and see the buildings that have passed many years, and you will also enjoy eating delicious traditional foods, distinctive products and attractive stores that contain all products such as clothes, home tools, accessories and jewelry, you can go there from Early morning until sunset.


9. Aziz Mall

One of the wonderful malls that are located in the city of Jeddah, and it is suitable for adults and children, where children enjoy playing while their parents shop, and there is a very large group of cafes, restaurants and stores that sell wonderful local and international clothes and products, in addition to that, the mall contains a place designated for people with special needs. Own place for prayer.