Top 7 Places to Visit in Riyadh

Tourism in Riyadh You might think that tourism in Saudi Arabia is limited to religious monuments only, as a symbol of Islamic civilization, but when you travel to Riyadh, this concept will change completely, as you will find yourself face to face with one of the most beautiful and most developed and modern cities.

Tourism in Riyadh is very interesting and varied, to the point that you will make your tour program inside it crowded with interesting activities.

In Riyadh, you will find ancient historical sites, wonderful museums, picturesque gardens, and fun recreational places suitable for family tourism, in addition to its high-rise towers, containing more than 50 towers, some of which are used for tourism and entertainment.

We will also not forget the most important aspect of tourism in Riyadh, which is enjoyable for many, which is shopping in the most luxurious malls on the one hand, and within its traditional markets on the other.


1. kingdom center tower

The Kingdom Tower is one of the most important cultural landmarks of the city of Riyadh, and it is the tallest tower in the Kingdom with a height of 300 m and consists of 99 floors, so it can be seen from the farthest point in the city.

This tower with a wonderful architectural design is located in the center of Riyadh city in the Olaya district on King Fahd Street as it is located in the middle of 3 main roads in Riyadh.

The Kingdom Tower in Riyadh contains a luxury mall, a banquet hall, a hotel, a number of international restaurants and cafes, in addition to a group of office floors and hotel apartments.

One of the most important recreational activities that you can do within tourism in Riyadh, is shopping among more than 161 stores, or having a delicious meal with a panoramic view of the city of Riyadh from one of its international restaurants, and before leaving, do not forget to climb to the top of the tower to take the most beautiful souvenir photos.


2. al faisaliah tower

You cannot travel to Riyadh without visiting the famous Al Faisaliah Tower with its unique architectural design.

Al-Faisaliah Tower is located in the Olaya commercial district on King Fahd Road, which is the lifeline of the city of Riyadh.

Al Faisaliah Tower consists of 30 floors and is classified as the 40 highest building in the world. Its floors are divided between a huge shopping center consisting of 3 floors, restaurants, cafes and event halls, as well as Al Faisaliah Hotel, one of the most luxurious and largest hotels in Riyadh.


3. Rafale Tower

One of the most beautiful and largest Riyadh towers is the Rafal Tower, which is located in the Sahafa neighborhood on King Fahd Road. It was beautifully designed by the Rafal Real Estate Company, which contributed to the construction of many residential suburbs and is considered one of the best tourist places in Riyadh.

The secret of Rafale Tower’s distinction lies in its exterior design that attracts natural light, to keep the building safe from high temperatures and winds, with a height of 308 meters to include 62 floors and 7 high-speed elevators.

Rafale Tower was opened in January 2014, and contains inside it a variety of luxury apartments, restaurants, health clubs and facilities, in addition to the Kempinski Hotel, which gives calm and comfort to the tower. The tower has also received many local and international awards, so it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Riyadh.


4. Musmak Museum

The secret of Al-Masmak Castle, which made it one of the most prominent tourist places in Riyadh, is that its history is older than the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia itself, as it was built by Prince Abdul Rahman bin Dabban, during the rule of Muhammad Abdullah Al-Rashid in 1895.

Its historical importance is due to the fact that it was the blessed breakthrough that led to the establishment and unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it was a witness to the battle of the conquest of Riyadh in which King Abdulaziz Al Saud was victorious. He managed to retake Riyadh, and the traces of that battle are still present at the door of the Masmak Palace, which has not changed.


5. The National Museum in Riyadh

The National Museum in Riyadh is one of the most important places of tourism in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, as it is a civilized interface that sheds light on the ancient history of the Kingdom.

During your tour inside the museum, you will learn about different eras, starting from prehistoric times, to modern times in an impressive sequence, and the developments that took place in the Arabian Peninsula in particular.

The National Museum in Riyadh consists of 8 halls, and the architectural design of the museum helps to connect the visitor with them in chronological order. The museum also contains two permanent and temporary exhibition halls, and there are many public service facilities for museum visitors and workers.


6. Saqr Al-Jazira Aviation Museum

Saqr Al-Jazira Aviation Museum is one of the important Riyadh museums that deserve a visit in tourism in Riyadh, as it displays the development of the aviation history of the Royal Saudi Air Force, since more than 80 years from the reign of King Abdulaziz until now.

The museum was opened in January 1999, and consists of two floors. The first floor contains a main covered exhibition hall that houses the aircraft that entered service in the Saudi Air Force, models of other aircraft, and screens to display the history of the Air Force. The second floor contains a variety of weapons such as bombs, missiles, clothing and military decorations.

The Saqr Al-Jazira Aviation Museum is located in the Saqr Al-Jazira area on the Eastern Ring Road in Riyadh, and it is open daily from 9 am to 12 pm, and from 4 pm to 9 pm.


7. Alhambra Palace

The Al-Hamra Palace in Riyadh is one of the most important historical monuments in the city of Riyadh. compensation for his burning palace.