Top 8 Places To Visit in Taif With Family

Tourism in Taif, Saudi Arabia. In this article, we have collected the most important tourist places in Taif to help you set up a tourist program in Taif so that your visit is organized and you gain time and enjoy you and your family in the city of Taif, Saudi Arabia.


1. King Abdullah Taif Park

This wonderful park is located east of the city of Taif, and covers an area of ​​150 thousand square meters. King Abdullah Taif Park is distinguished by its elegant arrangement that combines green spaces and wonderful sessions for families, with the availability of a large number of sports fields, as well as many recreational areas for children, as well as important facilities such as toilets and mosques.

King Abdullah Taif Park is considered the best tourist place in Taif, which is one of the distinctive Taif gardens, the most enjoyable outlet for the residents of the city of Taif and its suburbs, and families spend long hours inside it, especially during the summer; Therefore, the streets leading to it often encounter heavy traffic.


2.Saysed National park


When visiting Saysed National Park in Taif, it is noted that its scenic geographical nature constitutes a nature reserve, where the park is teeming with mountains, forests, plains, springs, streams, and many wild plants and animals.

If you want to enjoy the natural tourism places in Taif and you are on the verge of tourism in Taif, you should head to Saysed National Park; To enjoy the quiet nature, whether on the banks of the streams or in the shaded lounges.

It is worth noting that Saysed National Park was given this name; Referring to the Sayyid Dam that Caliph Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan ordered to build, which is still standing in its old form until now.

Inside Saysed National Park, you will find many sports fields, recreational games and all facilities such as bathrooms, mosques and grills, so many consider it one of the best Taif parks and is accepted by everyone who plans to travel to Taif.


3.Alshulah Tourist Village


Alshulah Tourist Park is one of the integrated Taif Gardens, which offers a variety of residential units consisting of villas and apartments, in addition to recreational facilities such as a family park that contains swimming pools for adults and children, shops, amusement parks, public sessions and restaurants.

There is also a women’s park in Alshulah Tourist Park, which includes amusement parks, swimming pools with a swimming coach, public and private sessions, restaurants and shops.

Let’s not forget also the Youth Café, which offers great indoor and outdoor seating, a pool hall, a PlayStation, and a juice and sandwich buffet.

Alshulah Tourist Village also includes a mosque, grocery, automatic bank, laundry, golf cars for adults and children, and a range of distinctive restaurants.


4. Al Hadban Park


The picturesque Al Hadban Park is located within the Al Shafa tourist area, about 20 km from the city of Taif. Al Hadban Park is characterized by its picturesque scenery. As a result of its prime location on top of the mountains and on its slopes, it also offers several accommodations for a fee.

Al Hadban Park is one of the most beautiful recreational destinations for families. Due to the abundance of games suitable for adults and children, a water park and an artificial lake.

There is also a cable car around the park, as well as a small lake in which special offers are offered for dolphins, and inside Al-Hadban Park is a wonderful walkway for hiking and many restaurants that suit all tastes and shaded sessions suitable for families, and therefore it is one of the Taif gardens suitable for visits and picnics and is considered the best tourist places in Taif.


5. Rawabi Land Park


Rawabi Land Park is located on Al Hada Road in Taif, and is one of the most famous amusement parks in Taif. With its fun games suitable for adults and children, families can also relax amidst the enchanting nature, vast green spaces and umbrella sessions spread throughout the park.

Rawabi Land Park provides all the important facilities that visitors need from toilets and kiosks selling fast food and drinks. If you are thinking of a great outing with your kids then head to Rawabi Land, Taif’s amusement park.


6. Al Shallal Park

Al Shallal Al Taif Recreational Park, located in Al Khalidiya District, Al Hada Street, near King Fahd Park. In it, you will spend the happiest time with your family, in a great atmosphere. Within the Taif Waterfall Park, there are many exciting games that are suitable for all family members, young and old.

The Taif Waterfall Park also offers several shaded sessions; For lovers of relaxation and sitting amid the green spaces and the gentle breeze of the city of Taif.

Within Taif Waterfall Park, there are all the distinctive facilities such as toilets, food kiosks and quick drinks. These features have made it one of the most famous amusement parks in Taif, which attracts thousands of visitors annually.


7. Souk Okaz


Souk Okaz is considered one of the most important tourist places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, so we advise everyone to visit it during tourism in Taif, and not only at the level of the city of Taif, as it is one of the most important tributaries of tourism within the Kingdom.

Souk Okaz is the link between the grandeur of the old and the glamor of the modern, as it derives its importance from its location where the old Souk Okaz was built, and it is a witness to the glories of the Arabs and their timeless heritage.

Souk Okaz is located in the heart of the city of Taif, and is currently considered a cultural landmark in which many performances, seminars and festivals are held; Therefore, it is intended for those interested in poetry, literature and culture.

It also has historical monuments, an amusement park, a corner for restaurants, and another for shops where you can get the most beautiful souvenirs such as jewelry, handicrafts, spices, and others.


8. Shubra Palace

Shubra Palace was previously the residence of King Abdulaziz and King Faisal bin Abdulaziz, when they visited the city of Taif. Shubra Palace is one of the most important historical palaces and one of the most important cultural monuments in Taif. Shubra Palace dates back to 1904 AD, and it took two years to build, and it remained a royal palace, until it was converted into a regional museum in 1995 AD.